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5 Reasons to Book your Next Vacation at Sandals Resorts

The Sandals brand does not need validating. Everywhere it has its footprints; it leaves an indelible mark on the holiday makers. It is exclusive and upscale. Its customer service is the industry standard and its facilities make you want to stay in your destination longer.

For those who have never vacationed in a Sandals Resort, below is why you should book any of its branches for your next holiday;

1. Your Romance Life Will Blossom

The sandals' staff go out of their way to offer special packages for those on honeymoon or out to rekindle their intimacy. There are candle lit dinners, special honeymoon suites, couples massage, special wedding venues and many more.

2. You Will Enjoy On-Resort Benefits and Deals

If you become a member of Sandals Resort family, you will not only enjoy the sleek facilities and services but also special packages such as bed in breakfast, complimentary massage, welcome-back gifts etc.

3. You Earn Points

If you book at Sandals, you are given the opportunity to enroll into Sandals' point earning opportunity. Imagine having US$250 knocked off your holiday may not sound like a lot, but imagine you vacation there over the next 10 years. That's a whopping US$2500. And this is the minimum discount you get. It can be bigger than this.

4. Your Options are Unlimited

Whether you will be travelling alone or with your extended family, Sandals' Spacious and luxurious suite will allow you peerless comfort. You will even get butler services to meet all of your needs.

5. 2-in-1 Experience

If you are staying in one Sandals resort and it does not have a facility such as a golf course, you will be allowed into another Sandals resort that have one, at little or no additional cost. You will have experience of staying in two resorts while paying for one.

Make a reservation at any of the Sandals Resort and see for yourself.

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